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ZII's First Sports Coats & Boots Affair Triples Fundraising Goal for Scholarships

Valley Forge, PA, February 2018. In partnership with the ZII Foundation, ZII hosted the inaugural “Sports Coats & Boots” Affair. The planning committee was looking for ideas for an innovative scholarship fundraiser affair that differed from the traditional winter cabarets. The brothers thought about the popularity of the wardrobe-themed summer events and wondered if a wardrobe-themed winter event would have the same appeal. The committee brought the idea of “Sports Coats & Boots” to the chapter and the brothers became excited with the potential of the new event. Winter is tailor made for showing off your style so we believed it would work. The Valley Forge Casino and Resort was selected for the venue. The brotherhood and the ZII Foundation agreed that the venue choice might peak the interest of our clientele because it was different from traditionally used venues. Additionally, we marketed the venue to guests as a chance to make a weekend out of the affair by staying at the resort.

The committee expected to make a modest margin in our first year because the event was unproven but to our surprise we made 3 times our projections. “Sports Coats & Boots” will now become an annual fundraiser because our clientele had such a good time and we expect to grow it exponentially in 2019.

Learn more about this event franchise and view the recap video and full breadth of photos at the Sports Coats & Boots Affair page.



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